My name is Kate Giglio. I make all of the jewellery and lead the workshops here at Mind's Eye Mala. Beading became a part of my life when I made mala beads for the graduates our first class of yoga teacher training in 2017. There was something about beading I found very grounding, and I also enjoyed working with the energies of different stones, so I kept on beading! 

I teach yoga with my husband and our crew of awesome instructors in downtown Yarmouth, Nova Scotia at Supernova Power Yoga. Yoga found me 20 years ago at my local gym. I practice and teach Baptiste Power Vinyasa Yoga because I've found its the most comprehensive physical asana practice that has its "roots" in traditional yoga. 

I offer QHHT® Sessions. In June of 2019, I was researching chakras for an upcoming yoga teacher training session, when I stumbled upon the work of Dolores Cannon. Something inside me "clicked" when reading her work, and a few weeks later my first QHHT® Session was booked! To read about my session experiences click here. I am working on my QHHT® Practitioner Level One Certification. To book a session or learn more about QHHT click here. 

If you have any questions, please reach out using the contact form below. I would love to hear from you! All my best, 

Kate Giglio


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