From our Signature line of bracelets, this is the Energy Protection Bracelet featuring Black Tourmaline, Onyx, Smoky Quartz, and Lava. This bracelet features gemstones that will help protect your personal energy field and neutralize any negativity coming your way!


Protects you from the negativity of others, and helps absorb your anxiety and fear and move it out of your energy field.


Calms nervousness, anxiety, and fear. Also good for protecting you against the negativity of others.


Wards off negative thoughts and helps remove self-doubt.

ENERGY PROTECTION Signature Bracelet

Bracelet Size
    • High-quality gemstones and lava beads

    • Made with strong, latex-free cord

    • Essential oils can be used on the lava beads.

    • Ships with Gift box and card explaining the stones' properties

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