From our Watercolour line of mala beads, beautiful grey and black Labradorite, blue Apatite, and Chrysocolla adorn this mala necklace with rhodium accents. Flowy hues of blue, aqua, and purple complete this mala in a handmade tassel using hand dyed ribbons.


  • Approximately 18" long
  • Features 6mm and 8mm round Labradorite beads and Apatite and Chrysocolla rondelles.
  • Rhodium accents produced by Tierracast of California
  • Handmade tassel


Because gemstones are found in nature, no two are alike! There may be some slight variation in color, stone to stone, but the pattern of the mala necklace will be the same.



Connects you deeper to your intution and has been known for awakening hidden psychic abilities.



Discharges negative energies, calms, and allows truth and inner wisdom to surface and be heard.



Good for balancing and unblocking all the chakras, especially the throat chakra where communication is housed. Also known for awakening psychic perceptions and abilities.

Labradorite Watercolour Mala

    • High-quality gemstones 

    • Rhodium accents

    • Handmade Tassel

    • Made in Nova Scotia, Canada

  • Returns and exchanges welcome within 30 days of purchase. We will gladly re-string any bracelet or mala within 60 days of purchase. No refunds.